Our Story


We are a family owned and operated breakfast restaurant in the heart of Bixby Knolls in Long Beach, CA. MeeMa’s Founder, Miguel Perez, has worked in the customer service and hospitality industry for 20+ years. He has long aspired to own his own restaurant, but for years struggled to imagine a concept with soul.

In 2016, Miguel and his wife Jenny, a Registered Nurse, ¬†moved into Jenny’s grandmother’s house to care for her during her last year of life. While sharing a home with a grandmother of Irish decent, Miguel began to notice many similarities to the home of his own grandmother of Mexican decent. They watched the same TV shows, they wore the same clothes, they had the same kitchenware and decor, and most notably, they both made you feel nothing but love when feeding you.¬†

Miguel realized the nostalgia that comes from “grandma’s house” is not cultural, it is generational, and is understood by people of all kinds. The experience of a meal at grandmother’s house, touches the heart in a way that nothing else compares. It was then, the idea for MeeMa’s was born.